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Fifty Digits of Pi in 5 Minutes

In the above video, I discuss the importance of the Major Phonetic System, which is the key to memorizing 50 digits of pi... or any long digit sequence for that matter. Each day, we are presented with numbers that we need to remember: social security numbers, telephone numbers, formulas, weights and metrics; the list goes on. The only dificulty is that numbers are almost IMPOSSIBLE to memorize. They don't seem to have anything unique about them which aids us in memorizing them. Therefor, our goal is to revolutionize the way we see numbers; we must somehow change digits into something that is easier to recall.

In the video, I begin by explaining the concept of the Major Phonetic System. The system was first established in 1825 by Aimé Paris, although other number conversion systems existed before this, even dating in India back to 7th century A.D.! The system converts numbers into phonetic sounds which can then be converted into words. The code is demonstrated bellow:

0 = S, Z

1 = T, D, Th

2 = N

3 = M

4 = R

5 = L

6 = J, Sh, Ch

7 = G, K, Qu,

8 = F, V

9 = P, B

Vowels and W, H, Y = Unassigned

With this system, we can take numbers and create words using the above system which are much easier to memorize. In the video, I go into several examples of this, demonstrating how the first 50 digits of pi can be memorized.

The importance of learning this system cannot be emphasized enough. It is critical that you have an excellent grasp on the above codex. To help you with this, I've created a quiz bellow with certain words. As you see a word come up in the question box, go ahead and type in the corresponding digits to it in the box bellow. Take the quiz until you feel comfortable with converting the words to numbers.


How did you do? Hopefully, you are begining to understand how to use the major phonetic system. To further solidify the process, we are now going to turn our attention to the next steps in memorizing numbers: converting our created words to images and placing our images in a spacial location.

Bellow, I have a picture the Sorrisniva Igloohotel, the same featured in the video. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the blue corridor.




We are going to practice filing images in spacial locations together and we'll practice using the phrase "Hang-out, even off a divine hive". I want you to find that blue corridor and imagine a tree house (a HANG-OUT of sorts), and I want you to imagine this tree house dangling EVEN OFF of a bee HIVE up in a tree that is DIVINE because it has tiny, glowing, angelic-like bees floating in and out of it. Can you see this whole scene happening in the blue corridor? Take a minute to picture it in your mind. Repeat the words to yourself over and over as you picture the scene unfolding. Now...and this is the most important part...I want you to get up from the computer and do anything else for 10 minutes. Seriously, put down your computer and do something for a little bit and then come back.

Welcome back! Now I want you to look aback at the picture and see the image we have created. Can you repeat the words to yourself as you look through the corridor? Now, I want you to try and decode the words using the phonetic system. Go ahead and take out a sheet of paper and write down the answer you believe they represent. Write your number down and then, when you are ready, hover over the box bellow to reveal the correct answer.


"Hang-Out Even Off a Divine Hive"

So how did you do? Did you guess the number correctly? If not, go back to the quiz and the codex and keep practicing, you'll get it soon. If you did get the correct answer, congratulations! You are on your way to being able to memorize any number you want to. The next steps are to practice creating words and images for numbers you use every day such as your debit card or driver's license number. You'd be amazed at how useful it is to have these numbers readily available in your mind.

So there you have it! I how memorize numbers way more easily. Keep practicing and you'll get it in no time!


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