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Memorize This to Survive in the Desert

"Mayday! Mayday!" The pilot announces over the com-system as the whining engine begins to deafen your ears. The horizon begins to slowly spin, then spins faster and faster until it becomes an indistinguishable blur of yellow and blue. The edges of your vision begin to close in as you succumb to the enormous G-forces of your free-fall until a final crash is heard and you slip into unconsciousness.

Suddenly, you awaken to the malfunctioning avionics system still sounding a "terrain, pull-up" warning. Slowly, you come to realize what has just happened: you've just survived a helicopter crash in the middle of the desert. Your pilot wasn't so lucky. Slumped over the controls, it is apparent that you are now the only survivor.

As you claw your way out of the wreckage, it becomes apparent just how dire the situation is. You gaze into the piercing blue sky, then back down to the burning sand. In such an inhospitable environment, water quickly presents itself as a pressing concern.

Most would panic. But you're not most; thankfully, you've memorized a rhyme for this exact situation. You watched a video which showed you how to better your chances.

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