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The Major System - Memorize Any Number

"Proceed to Checkout" the button says. You dutifully click and are brought to the payment screen. "Input Credit Card" you see. You check VISA then attempt to input the number by memory for the up-teenth time. "Was it 4393? or 8907? or...shoot....4r5&g maybe??". Eventually, you concede that you need to actually grab your wallet and look at the card. Only to find that your corgi sniffles is over in the corner chewing your wallet and corresponding credit card to pieces. "Sniffles! Sniffles drop, drop Sniffles!!". But Sniffles is already committed and merely responds with a low growl to stymie your approach. You despondently return to your chair and sigh.

If only you had memorized your credit card number.

If only you had a way to memorize your credit card number.

There actually is a very simple way. It involves something called Major System. The Major System, in its most basic sense, is a way to convert numbers into phonetic sounds which will allow you to memorize almost any number. What are its applications? Memorizing phone, social security, drivers license, pass-port, and tax identification numbers. Memorizing bible verses, birthdays, and historical dates. The applications are limitless.

Check out the above video to learn more!

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